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Hi, I'm Bernice

I believe that every person is extraordinary, that every chapter change in the novel of our lives is worth a celebration. Everybody is unique; as The Alternative Celebrant, I aim to help people celebrate, commemorate and remember in their own unique way, by helping to create and then deliver services that perfectly reflect them, encouraging them to be true and authentic to themselves and those they are celebrating,
I specialise in intimate, honest, heartfelt events: funerals, remembrances, elopements, vow renewals, joining ceremonies and other unique personal reasons to punctuate your story.
I own a small rural Guesthouse and micro-wedding / vow renewal venue in Llanwrtyd, Mid Wales. so can offer perfect personalised affordable packages for up to 15 people.
I’m also a stained-glass artist/teacher and Lady Lily the Pink of the Monster Raving Loony Party. Sometimes these hats are worn separately, but somehow, they all work in synergy to create one unique and alternative package

What's my ceremony style?

I specialise in creating perfect, unique, personalised and truly authentic, intimate, alternative celebrations and commemorations that reflects yours or your loved ones individuality and unique qualities. As far as I’m concerned anything goes; what is important is that it is about you, your partner and those closest to you; or you and the person being remembered. I will take the time to listen to what you have to say, and then help you create a celebration of life, love, unity or remembrance that truly reflects the love and passion you have. As an artist and accommodation provider I have the flexibility to create, mix and match packages. As Lady Lily the Pink of the Monster Raving Loony Party you have the choice of me or her (!) to officiate for you. My style is relaxed, unpressured, real, creative, slightly quirky and truly heart-felt. I will deliver any service with all the passion and compassion it deserves.

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Life Celebrations - A second chance to commemorate the life of someone you have lost

Having been unable to attend funerals; had restricted; not been able to have a wake; we now have an opportunity to remember and reflect. This can happen anywhere; at a location special to you or the person you loved. With your friends. To share memories, stories and say a proper & farewell in way that helps you celebrate and remember.

Let me help you create a memorial celebration for those you have lost during 2021/22 lockdowns.

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Why choose Bernice?

Creating perfect personalised celebrations & commemorations for all the chapters of your life.

I believe that we are all extraordinary and we should be able to celebrate or commemorate in both ordinary and extraordinary ways, whatever that means as we embrace our true, unique and authentic selves.
I can help facilitate this; whatever the occasion. “There Are No Rules.” Lets do it YOUR way.

What do I offer?

the alternative celebrant - Ian & Donnas Wedding


We are all unique as is our love and the way we share our lives with those we fall in love with and choose to share our lives with. Love and soulmates come in all shapes and sizes. If you are in love, you are in love, whether that’s two of you, or three or more; whatever your sexual orientation or age. If you feel it and want to celebrate it then you should, in any way you want, wherever you want, with whoever you want, dressed however you want. You get my drift. No rules.
As an independent celebrant I am able to help you create the perfect quirky, intimate, alternative celebrations of love and unity; be that a wedding, a vow renewal, a joining or commitment ceremony to love and unity. I live in Mid Wales and will travel within Wales the UK to officiate at your event.

As you celebrant I am invested in your planning from when you first make contact.
Firstly we will get together, either in person or by video link and share your stories and information so you can go away and decide if I’m the celebrant for you.
If I am then we’ll chat again, fill in some simple forms and I’ll send you a questionnaire to get you thinking about what you want to include/exclude from your celebration
I can help: provide unique ideas and rituals you might like to incorporate; (help) write vows or promises; write and conduct the ceremony; Chat through ideas and come up with solutions and plans to ensure the ceremony includes everything and everyone you want.
I also have my own elopement/micro-wedding venue (The Cwtch Hwtch) and offer packages for intimate alternative celebrations including 2 or more nights for up to 15 people

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Why choose Bernice for your wedding?

I love to celebrate outside the mainstream; in my mind LOVE IS EVERYTHING, so whether you are part of a couple or throuple; whether you are part of the LGBTQI community: or whether you just want to explore a different way of celebrating your union, then I’m here for you; thinking outside the box and cheering along every quirky idea you might like to incorporate in your celebration.

Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremonies

When it comes to naming ceremonies, its worth remembering that they’re not just for babies. As a celebrant offering an alternative view, I love to help create ceremonies for adoption and transgender namings or any other reason you might have for changing your name; maybe you’re reclaiming your maiden name post-divorce and are ready to embrace your liberation, identity and new beginning..
..Obviously I love babies too. I’d be more than happy to help you announce a new introduction into the world. As a mum and a grandma, any chance to give someone else’s baby a lovely Welsh cwtch is a delight and honour.
For whatever reason; a new name is a is a big deal; and there’s a BIG reason for doing it; so if its saying goodbye to an old life or hello to a new one; then let me help you do it with a flourish. ..

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Why choose Bernice for your naming ceremony?

As someone a little alternative, I help people realise their dreams and give them the confidence and permission to vocalise and incorporate anything and everything they want in their celebration. If you are gaining or changing a name then something momentous has happened in your life and that in itself signals a new chapter and is worthy of celebration.


Renewal of Vows

I am based in the beautiful, quirky little town of Llanwrtyd Wells, in an idyllic rural setting, surrounded by mountains and massive expanses of green.
I specialise in offering intimate alternative celebrations of love, unity and commitment.
You don’t have to be married to celebrate an anniversary
You don’t have to be married to unite with the love of your life
You can make pledges of commitment, unity and love at any point in your relationship and you can do so in so many ways
Nothing is off limits, you can be as traditional or unique as the mood takes you.
Whether you are joining two families, reflecting on how much you have grown together over the years; or punctuating the end of a challenging time and looking to your joint future. I can help you create something, unique, sincere, intimate and totally relevant to the pair of you.

Celebration of love and unity with me, are about sharing and declaring your love and commitment for each other, to each other as a couple or with your most treasured friends and family. I can help you create a moment that is as unique and special as you and your partner are.
I provide creative ways to celebrate your love. At any venue or location within Mid Wales; or here at my home, Cerdyn Villa, where you can enjoy our garden, accommodation and our very romantic bedroom boudoir; with our bespoke tepee, fire pit, and space for your most treasured friends and family.
You can join me in my stained glass studio to create an entwined hearts light catcher; paint an abstract on a canvas together or with your friends; share vows; have a poem written just for you.
Events with me are relaxed, informal, fun, genuine, perfect, intimate and uniquely yours

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Why choose Bernice for your renewal of vows?

As someone a little alternative, I help people realise their dream and give them the confidence and permission to vocalise and incorporate anything and everything they want. We can be romantic, crazy or crazily romantic! My style is friendly, relaxed, buoyant and open. None of your ideas are off limits.
I help organise and commentate at the weirdest of events, The World Bog Snorkeling Championships, Wife Carrying and Husband Dragging to name three! I’m also a Monster Raving Loony Party Member, giving you the additional option of having Lady Lily the Pink officiate at your celebration if you’d rather!

wild flower meadow


As your funeral celebrant I will be by your side to support and guide you. I can help you design a service to remember and celebrate the life of someone you loved; suggest readings and poems; help you find the write music; and put the service together for you. I can write or edit a reading on your behalf, and/or I can read it on your behalf. I can liaise with others for you; can ensure the timings are correct and guide you through what is likely to be a difficult day.
Remember, even if your loved one has left a will detailing their last wishes, the service you choose , is also YOUR goodbye, it is to provide you with a start to your own grieving process, so don’t get too hung up with worrying about ‘what they would have wanted’ instead combine it with actions that will help you and those left behind.

When it comes to loss and grief there are no rules; there is no ‘normal’ way to feel or react; no ‘normal’ time limit on your grief. There is no ‘correct’ way to memorialise the deceased. The way you remember, recognise and/or celebrate the life of a loved one is entirely down to you. I am here to help you remember, reflect, celebrate and find solace.
I will help you create a farewell fitting to the memory of the person you grieve.
I create events to remember and reflect; to celebrate a life well-lived; to acknowledge the impact the person you loved and lost had on you.
This can be a funeral or sometime later. Perhaps the anniversary of an important date of theirs or yours. Memorials, and Life Celebrations can take place anywhere. No rules. This is about them, about you and about how you want to remember them.

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Why choose Bernice for your funeral?

When it comes to loss and grief there are no rules; there is no ‘normal’ way to feel or react; no ‘normal’ time limit on your grief; and no ‘correct’ way to commemorate. The way you remember, recognise and/or celebrate the life of a loved one is entirely down to you.
I will help you create a celebration of life that truly reflects the unique qualities of the person you have lost. I will do it with empathy, compassion, care and attention; answering your questions, offering help to find the right words, and music and support you throughout.


Reviews for The Alternative Celebrant

Total Reviews: 14

Average Rating: 5

reviews (14)


Running with warm and wild ideas

5 Stars

Wedding | 02/06/2022 | Higher Holcombe

When we contacted Berni and found she was already booked up for our required date we thought it such a shame but she nonetheless agreed to work with us on developing our ideas and putting together a structure, outline and so on for our ceremony.

This was just what we needed! Although we then of course had to find someone else to actually perform the ceremony (who did a wonderful job – but that’s another story!) I must say Berni’s support was invaluable. When we contacted Berni, she spent time asking us who we are and what we want from our ceremony. She not only listened seriously to our somewhat wild ideas but also ran with them, embraced them, extended them, built on them, brainstormed with us how best to do them – and so on.

Without going into too much detail, suffice to say we included elements of a number of widely varying themes including ‘This is Your Life’ (the chat show), ‘Mr and Mrs’ (the game) and also Holi Festival of Colour (if you don’t know, look it up)!

Just speaking to Berni and NOT then feeling like these ideas were ridiculous or inappropriate gave us the confidence to develop them – and she helped us figure out how we could put them together into some coherent structure. I would recommend contacting Berni if you are looking for something a little unusual or different perhaps with a personal touch, and if you are seeking someone professional who is receptive and open to fun or alternative ideas. Weddings can be ‘alternative’ – they can be whatever you want – and yet still be very very beautiful.


Beautiful Berni inside and out!

5 Stars

Wedding | 09/08/2022 | Gellifawr Woodland Retreat

We loved Berni from the moment we met over zoom, she later put up with us landing in her garden with our very busy toddler and two dogs (and forgave one of them chasing and catching her chicken! Thankfully it was ok!). Berni went above and beyond for us before and during our ceremony, not just for our wedding ceremony but anything we needed, we knew we’d love her to share our entire day so invited her and her partner John to stay for the celebrations. She is very kind and fun and her and John even helped with decorations when we were panicking the night before the wedding. She was right there on hand in the bridal room and for anything we needed throughout the day. The ceremony was warm and funny and very personal to us as a couple. She held the attention of our guests and supported my husband through his pre wedding nerves. She helped us build a ceremony that many guests have commented on how personal, fun and informal it was but also very emotional and a wedding that was perfect for us.


Your fabulous presence and idea for the grand exit brought everything together.

5 Stars
Bethan & Dafydd

Wedding | 06/03/2022 | Garde Wedding - Llanwrtyd Wells

I wanted to to let you know how much we appreciate everything you did for us to make our Wales wedding so special. The way you guided us to create our own ceremony, checked in with us at each stage and then practiced and went over everything with us and our bridal party on the day really relieved a lot of stress and reminded us about what we were really there for. The ceremony was wonderful and everyone has told us how special it felt to witness it. Your fabulous presence and idea for the grand exit brought everything together.

We really appreciate the copies of the ceremony and our unofficial wedding certificate too, much nicer than the official one!

Thanks for supporting us both and being so calm and thoughtful throughout (especially when I forgot the ribbons!)

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