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Celebrant Catherine McWade

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Hi, I'm Catherine

I am a wedding Celebrant and HSE registered Interfaith Solemniser whose ceremonies are all-inclusive and completely reflect your thoughts and wishes for the day. I work closely with my couples to create special, one-of-a-kind ceremonies, ensuring they have ever-lasting memories of what will undoubtedly be a magical day.
I ran and performed in an award-winning wedding band for over 20 years which means I understand the power of music and words to bring people together. I have had the pleasure of working with wedding couples for many years. I will bring a personal element to all the ceremonies I lead. Whether you want to include religious elements or don’t want any mention of religion, my experience will guide you on how to make the ceremony so personal and unforgettable for you. I can legally marry you and your partner anywhere in Ireland, any day of the week. I’m always happy to chat to you.

What's my ceremony style?

I will get to know you and you will feel ‘at home’ with me. From the initial meeting, right through to the very end of the ceremony, I will be with you all the way and guide you with my knowledge, expertise and (when needed) calmness. When I get to meet a couple for the first time, I get a sense of excitement for what is to come. You have so many options to work with and I will be thrilled to work with you so that your ceremony reflects both of you. This could involve including some of the many rituals…..Handfasting, Sand Ceremony, Unity Candles… and many more which we can explore together. There will be a lot of laughter and a lot of love, and connection with everyone that is there for you both. I am in the unique and fortunate position to have worked with wedding couples already for years.


My bride Grainne walking up the aisle to '21 pilots' singing 'Can't help falling in love' and everyone joined in

When one of my beautiful brides Grainne walked into the room on her Father’s arm to ‘Can’t help falling in love with you’ (21 pilots was the version), think it was her Mum in the front who started to join in, and stopped then, embarrassed, so I encouraged her and in fact signalled everyone to sing. Magical!


Why choose Catherine?

I know that you will want to have a ceremony that is so special and personal that you will treasure it forever. The ceremony planning can often get lost or move down the list of all the ‘to-dos’. This is where I come in. Whether you want a ceremony to last 45 minutes or just 20 minutes – every one of those minutes should count. Because marriage IS a big deal, and you are making a huge commitment to each other. I will write your ceremony from scratch and it will be completely yours.

What do I offer?



It is wonderful in these times that there are so many options on how to get married in Ireland, and where. From country houses, to cliff tops to incredible hotels, it can be as simple or elaborate as you like. As an Interfaith Minister and legal celebrant, my aim is to contribute a personal element to all ceremonies.
From the initial meeting, right through to the very end of the ceremony, I will be with you all the way and guide you with my knowledge, expertise and (when needed) calmness. When I get to meet a couple for the first time, I get a sense of excitement for what is to come. You have so many options to work with and I will be thrilled to work with you so that your ceremony reflects both of you. This could involve including some of the many rituals…..Handfasting, Sand Ceremony, Unity Candles… and many more which we can explore together.

On your wedding day, you deserve the very best from all your suppliers. I will work with you to ensure your ceremony reflects who you are as a couple. Everyone will leave with a feeling of ‘wow that was a great ceremony’!. Most importantly, we will have fun with it and enjoy the process of setting the tone for the rest of the day. Once you book me, we will be together until your wedding day. We will work on the ceremony together. Choose what rituals (if any) to include together, and write your wedding vows, either together, or with my guidance. I have worked in the wedding industry a long time, formerly as a musician, so I have had the pleasure of talking to couples about all things wedding for many years. I am a great source of information on other suppliers and can recommend some amazing suppliers.

Why choose Catherine for your wedding?

I am a wedding celebrant with a unique insight into how weddings work. Imagine looking back in 10, 20 or 30 years with a big smile, as you remember your incredibly personal and all round amazing wedding ceremony? As an award winning celebrant in Ireland, I can give you that, and more. I will create a ceremony that is ‘one of a kind’ – just as you are. I am a HSE registered Interfaith Solemniser based in Dublin who works anywhere in Ireland. I just love helping couples have the very best start to married life with a ceremony that is yours alone. Call me for a chat.


Naming Ceremonies

Congratulations on welcoming your new baby into the world. Truly, nothing comes close to the first glimpse of a newborn. Are you one of those families that would like an alternative to the traditional Christening? Would you like a ceremony that is unique and personal and inclusive? A Baby Naming Ceremony may be what you are looking for. Essentially, this is a coming together of all the people who will play a role in your baby’s life. We will formally introduce them to your baby, we will welcome your baby into their family and their community. We will offer friends and family a chance to give their blessings and good wishes to you both and your baby.

I will create a wonderful meaningful ceremony, unique to you. This can be in your garden, surrounded by nature, in a hotel, in your home – whatever you visualise, I can bring to life. By incorporating your own ideas, style, traditions and cultural practices, your baby naming ceremony will be etched on your memories forever.
You can, if you wish, choose to appoint Guide Parents or guardians who will make their own promises to love and nurture your baby.

Why choose Catherine for your naming ceremony?

More and more couples are opting to have a baby naming ceremony, either alongside a christening ceremony, or as an alternative, in line with their own beliefs and traditions. How can I help?
I have the experience AND the expertise to bring your wonderful ideas to life. I do this by working closely with you, getting to know you and your families. Really, a truly remarkable and memorable, special and blessed ceremony wouldn’t exist without the input from you, the parents. Yes, I can craft it, but it’s your words, your ideas that will bring your baby’s ceremony to life.

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Renewal of Vows

Are you married a long time? Did you ever wonder what it would be like to have your wedding ceremony all over again – but different!!! Well, let’s talk then about the possibilities. Couples choose to renew their vows for many different reasons. It could be a special anniversary, a birthday, a milestone life event. How special then would it be to reaffirm your love for each other in front of friends and family.

Your ceremony will be all about YOU and your family and your life. It might be nice to include some readings or music from your wedding day. It will be fun and lighthearted but will also be really meaningful to two people and their families who have been through so much together. It is a time to celebrate all the journeys you have taken and how your love for each other continues to deepen and grow.

Why choose Catherine for your renewal of vows?

I am married 15 years this year, and, for sure – I would love to have a vow renewal ceremony maybe at 20 years! (haven’t told himself yet). I think it is such a wonderful celebration. I know when my parents got married, the wedding was in Latin and they didn’t understand any of it. I would have loved for them to have such a ceremony before my Dad passed away. I am personally invested in every Vow Renewal ceremony and want so much for it to be perfect that I will think outside the box for you and work closely with you until we have created something truly memorable.

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I am privileged to accompany families on their grief journey, when saying goodbye to a loved one. Having been through this trauma myself, I understand that families need to be guided and supported and have someone they trust work with them to ensure the life of their loved one is celebrated in a manner appropriate to the family. I am currently training as an End of Life Doula.

I spent two years training as an Interfaith Minister with the OneSpirit Foundation. I was trained in holding funerals and memorial services. These services would be outside of a church setting. I offer an alternative and personal service to the traditional ceremonies, and my ceremonies reflect your beliefs, be they religious or not.
I know what a distressing time it is when someone you love passes away. I will guide you every step of the way through the process of creating a ceremony. I will arrange to meet you and talk through what type of ceremony you feel reflects the beliefs and personality of your loved one.

Why choose Catherine for your funeral?

My ceremonies are very personal and completely reflect the beliefs, personality and values of the person who has passed away. I will work closely with you and your family and your funeral director to create a beautiful, heartfelt, unique ceremony and will guide you and listen to your wishes all the way. I have completed an END OF LIFE DOULA training course, and am currently working with bereaved families.


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We couldn’t be happier

5 Stars
Sarah Maguire

Wedding | 09/02/2024 | Wicklow

From the first moment we spoke with Catherine, we were hooked on her, and she on us. Our ceremony was most definitely a team effort, with her as the team lead. We had specific ideas, and without even having to explain fully, she instinctively knew what we wanted. The day itself was magical. Our ceremony couldn’t have been more beautiful, tasteful, emotional and personal. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Catherine. We know we will get to witness you in Celebrant mode again as our friends want to book you. Thanks so much for everything. Sarah and John

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